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For those of you who are unaware of what progressive jackpots are, the answer is a fairly simple one. Progressive jackpots are the jackpot (i.e, the highest possible payout) which is given by a gaming machine, either in real life or online. The machines are set to a system where the value of the jackpot which they pay out is increased by a small, predetermined, amount, each time that particular game is played. For example, if a machine’s payout is set to increase $0.10 for each game, then ten plays of that game would increase the jackpot by $1.00. Progressive jackpots are some of the most popular and sought after games in all of the world’s major casinos, as well as in the most reputable online casino gaming sites.

It isn’t hard to see why progressive jackpots are so very popular. Normally, at a physical casino, multiple machines will be linked together through software programs, which gives them the ability to form one large progressive jackpot, which makes the ultimate jackpot grow even more quickly. This is due to the fact that multiple players are playing all of the machines in that area, and thus are contributing to the jackpot with every new game that they play. In an online gaming situation, the result is largely the same, since multiple players are playing games in that same category, simultaneously.

Online casino gaming and betting sites such as Titan Bet routinely feature progressive jackpots as one of their basic features. Indeed, Titan Bet has managed to become one of the premier online casino gaming and betting sites currently operating on the modern international market place chiefly because of this. Slowly but surely, other sites such as Ladbrokes and others are beginning to feature more and more progressive jackpots as a regular feature of their online casino gaming and betting experience.

If you browse online for progressive jackpots, you are sure to come upon dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of them. Enter “progressive jackpots” as the search query in your search engine of choice, and wait for the results. They will surely not be long in coming. Progressive jackpots such as The Big One, Hall Of Fortune, Arabian Nights, Shopping Spree, and Millionaires Club are but a few of the many that are available online for you to try out for yourself. So, get online today and check out the wild world of progressive jackpots!